Sam Bidey

This MS Warrior is taking on The May 50K this May.

It’s not his first rodeo either...

Sam says, “It's the best month of the year for me and my partner. When The May 50K rolls around it’s a dedicated month to speak to MS, raise awareness and see the support all around the country – it gives me a real boost each year.”

“Every dollar raised is like a person in your corner supporting you - that’s what I get out of it.”

Sam was first diagnosed with MS in April 2021.

“In my hands I have constant pain and paresthesia, which is hypersensitivity, an intense pins and needles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I get chronic fatigue one or two bad days a week. Those are my main symptoms.”

It all started for Sam after a friend’s birthday, he woke up with tingling legs – a sensation that soon spread up his body to wrap around his chest, arms and hands.

After many different doctor assessments, hospital visits and tests he was finally diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

“My body kept deteriorating. One doctor finally said it could be MS we did a brain scan and more tests. I kept deteriorating. I started to lose vision in one eye.”

Luckily for Sam his vision was restored, and the tingling sensation went away from his body, only remaining in his hands.

“I write for a living so it’s a bit difficult sometimes when your hands don’t work as well as they used to.”

“There are 200 potential symptoms of MS. You could get any number of things happen to you. It’s quite strange and unique in that way so many people with the same disease are affected in different ways. Someone might use a wheelchair, whereas others have bowel issues or cognitive issues.”

“There's that sort of fear [of what might happen next] which I think that one of the big things to learn to live with.”

Today, Sam wants to say THANK YOU to all those taking on The May 50K.

“A massive thank you to my fellow fundraisers. Every dollar raised benefits the researchers. I'm so blessed now the medication is as good as it is hopefully, one day, they can find a cure.”

For Sam, he loves most the sense of community that comes with The May 50K (and we LOVE it too ).

“It can be an isolated disease. I walk down the street and no one can tell the difference between me and anyone else. You look normal. A lot of people living with MS have no visible symptoms.”

“One of the biggest things for people living with MS it strikes people down in the prime of their life the average person gets diagnosed between 20 and 40. I was in hospital buying our first house – it hits you at a time when you’re supposed to be spreading your wings and it really clips you down. That’s the cruel part of the disease.”

Together, we can create a brighter future for people living with MS, just like Sam.