Will The May 50K go ahead in 2022 given the current COVID-19 situation in Australia?

Yes. The May 50K is a virtual fitness and fundraising challenge, which can be completed on your own anywhere in Australia, with minimal risk to others – even in the comfort of your own home, backyard or local park. 

Raising funds for life-changing MS research is now more important than ever. In this uncertain time, it’s crucial that we remember the importance of funding medical research, and that people living with MS still need better treatments, prevention and ultimately a cure.

The challenge is a great way to look after your physical and mental well-being, by keeping active and working towards your kilometre goal. Do it for your health, get active and stay connected as a community while helping us drive the change that we all want to see, freedom from MS. Let’s come together as a community to show that nothing will stop us from leaving MS where it belongs, behind us.

What is The May 50K?

The May 50K is a community fitness and fundraising challenge for Kiss Goodbye to MS. We are challenging Australians to walk or run 50 kilometres throughout the month of May to raise funds for life-changing research into MS.

How much does it cost to register?

It’s completely free to register and participate in The May 50K. You can register your interest for 2022 here and leave your limits behind in May!

When and where is The May 50K?

The May 50K is an online fitness challenge which runs for one month from 1 - 31 May 2022. You decide where and when to complete your challenge.

What do I have to do?

Wherever you live, whatever your fitness level, you can decide when and where to complete The May 50K. Really don’t like to run or walk? You can complete the challenge in a way that works best for you. If you are a wheelchair user, you can adjust the kilometres in a way that will be challenging for you. Setting a challenging personal goal will make it more likely others will sponsor you.

Can I swim or cycle my The May 50K challenge?

Absolutely! It’s up to you to decide where or how to complete The May 50K.

How do I share my page to my friends and family?

How do I challenge a friend?

The May 50K App

Does The May 50K have an app?

Yes! Keep track of every step take with The May 50K app.




How do I download the app?

Download The May 50K App via the App Store or Google Play Store.

How do I log in to the app?

Please make sure you're attempting to log in using the same email address and password that you set up when you registered.

If you haven't yet signed up for The May 50K 2022, you'll need to do that first before you're able to use the app.


Forgotten your password?


If you're still having difficulties logging in, please get in touch with the team. We'll be happy to help!

How do I track my activity?

On the home/details page, click on the big red button “start activity” and you’re ready to start moving!

When you have completed your activity, you can click the stop button on the right side of your screen (red square). Click “STOP” and it will record your progress.

How does the app track my fitness activity?

The May 50K app uses the inbuilt GPS system in your smartphone to track your fitness activity.

GPS estimates your location on Earth by using signals from a set of orbiting satellites. The GPS system includes the chip in your device as well as the satellites above the Earth.

Why is the app reporting a different distance to what I did?

GPS issues may occur during an activity, this can be caused by the phones operating system attempting to close the app to preserve memory and battery life.

In these circumstances the activity may report a different distance than you actually traveled, and unfortunately we cannot ‘fill in’ the missing data.

It is also common that different devices can show slightly different data for the same activity. This is because each device’s GPS chip performs differently.

Issues typically fall into three categories:

  • GPS drift: The GPS track generally follows the shape of the road/path but with much less precision.
  • Lost GPS signal: If the GPS signal is lost and later re-acquired the pre- and post-signal-loss points will be connected with a straight line.
  • GPS bounce: A 'jumpy' GPS signal can cause your activity to report more distance than you actually traveled since each 'zig' and 'zag' of your GPS track has to be accounted for with a straight line connecting them.

How do I optimise my phone settings for the app?

To ensure the best GPS ensure you do the following:

  • Have a clear view to the sky. Obstructions between the phone and the sky can affect the signal.
  • Ensure your device has data enabled.
  • Give it time - allow time for the GPS receiver to tune into the satellites before starting an activity.
  • Disable any battery saver settings including Power Saving Mode or Battery Management.

Also ensure that the app is granted the appropriate permissions. You can check this by taking the following steps:

  • iPHONE
    • Settings > (App name) > Location > Always
    • Turn the phone off/on.
    • Turn GPS off/on.
    • Go to Settings > Apps > (App name) > Permissions > Toggle Location ON. Be sure that you've allowed the app to use GPS in the background.
    • Check that your location settings are set to High accuracy:
    • Settings > Connections > Location > Locating method > High accuracy.

Consult for more information on how to optimise your phone settings

Facebook FAQs

Why aren’t the donations that I’m receiving through Facebook showing up on my fundraising page?

Facebook donations are handled and held by a third party, so we can’t sync these donations with The May 50K campaign due to limitations with the Facebook Donate button functionality. Given these limitations, we advise you not to use the Facebook Donate button to raise funds.    

If you’d like your friends and family to donate to you, we encourage you to share the link to your fundraising page on your social media pages instead. 

I’ve shared my page on Facebook asking for donations using the Facebook Donate button. Will the funds I raise come to Multiple Sclerosis Limited?

Yes, they will, however, we currently advise that you don’t use the Facebook Donate button to raise funds for your fundraiser as we can’t link any donations back to your fundraising page. If you’ve already set up a post, we ask that you: 

  • Delete the post, as this is the only way to remove the Facebook Donate button,
  • Create a new Facebook post and share the link to your fundraising page without adding the ‘Donate’ button.

Why can’t you sync my donations?

Facebook donations are handled and held by a third party, and Facebook doesn’t have the functionality to sync donations to a fundraisers page at the moment. We’re working with Facebook to try to find a solution for the future, but currently we advise you not to use the Facebook Donate button to raise funds. 

Is my donation via Facebook secure?

The Facebook Donate button is a Facebook-owned feature, please contact them directly with any queries about privacy and security. However, you can view their privacy policy here:


How do I join a team?

During registration, you will be able to search for the team you'd like to join.

Once registered, search for the team you'd like to join, and simply click on the Join Us button on the team page while logged in to your own account. This will automatically connect you to the team.

If a team is set up as invite only, you will need to contact the Team Captain and request that they send you an invite to join their team.

How do I reset my password?

Login to your the May 50K account and head to your dashboard. Click on ‘My account’ and select ‘Reset Password’.

How do I register as an individual/solo on the May 50K site?

How do I update my fundraising and donations page?

How do I set up my profile and update my fundraising and fitness goals?


Where do the funds go that I raise?

The May 50K is managed by Multiple Sclerosis Limited (MSL), with all proceeds being directed to MS Australia to fund researchers, projects and collaborative platforms, advancing research into better treatments, preventions and a cure for MS.

Thank you for helping us leave MS where it belongs. Behind us!

How do I update my fundraising goal?

How do I thank my donors?

My Fitness Activity

How do I log my kilometres online?

Can I start recording my kilometres in the lead up to May?

You certainly can! But we will reset your kilometres to zero on 1 May 2022.

Why should I start logging my kilometres in the first week of May?

If you log your kilometres between 1 - 7 May, you will go into the draw to win 1 of 10 JBL Pulse 4 Speakers, valued at $329.95 each!

How do I update my fitness goal?


What are workplace teams?

Workplace teams allow you to create internal teams underneath your core workplace, meaning you can compete against other branches or departments within your organisation, or even just against your most competitive colleagues on the other end of the office – you choose!

How can my workplace get involved?

Creating a workplace and asking your colleagues to set up internal workplace teams to compete against each other, is the easiest way to get others involved. You can run before work, organise a team zoom walk at lunchtime or go for a sunset stroll – whatever suits you and your colleagues best.

You can also challenge your clients, suppliers and competitors at other companies – there’s nothing like some friendly competition to spice things up!

How do I register my workplace?

How do I get the most out of The May 50K at my workplace?

There’s a few simple things you can do to boost your workplace’s participation:

  • Put us in touch with whoever leads your health and well-being program
  • Register yourself first, set an ambitious target for yourself and make the first donation from yourself, to yourself to show your commitment to The May 50K
  • Encourage your senior leadership to participate and lead from the front
  • Get all your colleagues involved and inspire internal competition
  • Encourage your workplace to match your fundraising efforts to help smash your goals

How do I join an existing workplace?


How do I create a team and invite team members?


Is The May 50K merchandise available?

Yes, please visit the MS Online Shop to order your official The May 50K merchandise, or you can place your order during registration.