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I'm 50km this month to leave MS behind

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With a big month ahead, and several tough ones behind me, I need something to give me that edge? This has been on my mind for a while, and now it’s time to publicly ‘come out’ my new wheels, “Wally Walker”. The crutches are not yet retired, but they are no match for the smooth efficiency of Wally’s mag wheels and sleek lines. Wally is an aerodynamic, carbon fibre whiz, offering fatigue minimising mileage which my May50k requires. You might see us rolling laps of the local shopping centre. Just try to keep up!

Towards a better future

It's been around 25 years since MS invaded my perfect life, and it been around 2 months since I was wheeling around the Rehab ward, wondering if I'd find the strength to regain my independence, yet again. Decades of fighting earns little respect from this bloody disease. But the future is brighter, and brightening for those more recent MS warriors, because ongoing research into MS is rapidly improving the MS landscape. MS is such a common disease. Let's improve someone's future together.

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Amanda Horne

Meg - you are an inspiration. Love Amanda xx


Settlement City

Go, Meg! We are so happy to be able to help out with a safe space to walk your 50km.


Merryl Hardy

Sending positive vibes to conquer the kms with your new wheels.



Go Meg. I know you can do it.


Janet Mcgill

Yep are amazing Meg xxx


Wendy Oxley

You are one amazing lady - you go girl!


Arun Maram

So proud of you, Keep going Meg


Robyn Keegan

Stephanie, Rhys & I will be cheering you on all the way! Go Meg!


Narelle Evans

Love ya work Meg, always an inspiration, you never stop giving and helping others, xxx


Janice Fae Hamilton


Janice Frey

Go Marg! Keep those pegs (& wheels) going. XOXO


Jen Thompson

Onya Champ


Mel Wass

You little champ. Keep Wally the walker working out - reckon he’ll wear out before you do. So admire your indomitable spirit. Go girl 👍🏻🥇🏆


Laine & Jo

Your an inspiration Meg, you give it 200% Congratulations for giving us the opportunity to help find a cure for MS ASAP . Love ya work. Jo & Laine 🥰. .


Maria Villalon

Awesome stuff proud of you...your determination is inspiring xox....Crabbie


Dianne Mcdonald

Go Meg, with your determination you will definitely reach your goal


Jodie Hamilton

Courageous effort Meg. Xxxx


Sally Shepard

What a woman. Go Meg


Rob And Jan Snow

Hi Meg. You are an inspiration! What a great effort for a great cause.


Marg Taylor

You’ve got this Meg..👏



Love the way you just keep bouncing through whatever life throws at you.


Beck Charlton

Go get them 50km.


D Leslie

Congratulations Meg


Phil And Gay Dixon

Huge admiration for everything that you achieve in the face of MS.


Paula Hurrell


Linda Jocelyn

You are an inspiration, you always have been and continue to be....let's just hope that a cure can be found much sooner than later....x


Deb Walsh

Good on you Meg ... go girl


Elizabeth Clark

Hi Meg, you are an inspiration, good luck with your walk/fundraising. Love Liz🌈🙂


Sian, Judd And Lincoln


Chris And Kym

Go Meg go! Fantastic effort! Go Buddy!



A very inspiring lady.


Kerry Galvin

We love you Meg x


Kim Maurer


Jenny Thomson

Over half way now Meg- it’s all downhill from here! You are a champion!



Step by step let the numbers add up to match your determination Meg! At least we can ask Where's Wally🤭

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