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I'm 260km this month to leave MS behind

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Support my challenge to leave MS behind!

I’m taking part in The May 50K challenge this May to raise funds for life-changing research into multiple sclerosis!

MS strikes young people in the prime of their lives. The average age of diagnosis is only 30 years old, and there is no known cure.

Please make a donation and support my challenge to leave MS where it belongs, behind us.

Your donation will support research into the prevention, treatment and finding a cure for multiple sclerosis to change lives.

Thank you!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Janet Vandeelen

Sorry a bit late but. For a very good course. Good on you xx


Kate Wilson

Well done Mum, very proud of you! 😊😊


Bob Skewes

Well done Carolyn. Proud to help you get your goal.


Jan Fiedler


Gabriela Robey

Well done Carolyn ❌


Bill Filips


Gerhard Giedrojc

Love your work. A legend.


Ann Coulson

Well done Carolyn!



Good on you for your efforts. A very worthy cause. Geof.


Carol Craddock

Good on you for doing this, Carolyn. Every little bit helps so you are a legend. xxx


Jen Confeggi

Great job Carolyn x



Good on you Mum! 😘


Carolyn Haywood

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