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May 2021- First Diagnosed

After I had presented in a dazed like state to work everyone knew I needed help.

We were about to have a morning tea at the Norwood Green Display Centre.

It’s an event with about 50 people in attendance. Once there I was my colleague asked me if wanted to the  see the paramedics.

 I stayed with the onsite paramedics answering a lot of questions…..I knew where I was and how I got  there …I’ve since learnt to call it brain fog

I was never short on a word or two so found it weird that had no answer .  

I was unusual for me to be seen as quiet. But I recognised I had a problem getting words out 

The paramedic took my sugar levels and they were concerned It was a week after Easter so don’t know if I had eaten way too much sugar

The day before I was watching my nephews play soccer and I presented in very vague state. My brother and sister in law saw me in very different state of mind . 

They continued to harass me to go hospital , even ringing my wife.

With Port playing on TV  I was  comfortable watching the game. Eventually I told them I’ll go tomorrow after work.



I went in 3pm on Sunday and at 11:30pm at night following a MRI that I had a lesions on my brain.

Brain Cancer I was told to prepare for the worst. My wife left the hospital at 1:30am and we were determined that no matter what the outcome we were going to fight.

I began thinking  about what I was about to endure 

 They put me on steroids to reduce the inflammation but simply made me even harder to communicate.

 It would be 6 weeks to talk freely …I could only imagine people at work thought .

From there its was about a week I think it was May 24th that I had by brain biopsy. 

They would see how advanced the lesion is and I knew my world would be turn inside out.

Dr Zacest is my neuron surgeon and he delivered the MS diagnoses .

He then referred me  to fantastic neurologist 

Dr Leyden at the Calvary Hospital. 

 I remember I was thinking MS what does that mean? I don’t know when but , will it be gradual or suddenly I won’t be able to walk ? 

There Is something really bad happening to my brain ?....all I can do Is fight this all the way . 

I’m pretty open minded with want is needed to live with it ….i've read some outrageous things that some desperate people have tried to live with it.


I’m slowly getting used to waking up and having fitness to look out for ….maybe slow down a little and enjoy the process. 

I’ve worked out what food affect me and how much fitness I can  do.


I have failed my first lot of medication (Tysabri) I’m now starting Ocrevus with the hope it works…..I'm a MS Warrior.

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12 months on....

MS Diagnosis

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Jason Mills

Love your work Chris! You are a star! ⭐️ Keep up the positive mindset as always. 💪😊 Sorry I missed the boat here, mad May for me, on holidays now catching up, but it says you can get a free t-shirt still!!!


Andrea Castello

True inspiration mate. Thoughts are with you and your family!!


Dimi And Koni


Jim Ikonomopoulos

Well done cuz. You're a true Spartan warrior


Bill And Marissa Stavrou

Hi Chris Best of luck with your challenge mate, we wish you all the best and hope we can assist with reaching your goal.


Haniotis Family

Great work Chris! x


Ginet Moutakis

Stay strong your strength inspires us all X


Joanna Kantarias

Well done Chris, you are truly amazing xxx


Steve Atsalas

You're a gun. So strong, such an inspiration to all.


Effie Petropoulos

Best of luck Chris Keep fighting, stay positive, your strength & courage inspires us all


Pappou Willy


Michael Tattoli




Go you. Take good care of yourself too!


Taso And Rina Kalantzis

Good luck Chris


Peter Papas


Joanna Manolakos

Good Luck Chris


Trove Property Management

You truly are a warrior Chris! Bec, myself and the Trove team are inspired by your courage! Good luck with the challenge this month!


Uncle George And Aunty Filio


James Frantzis

Smashing it chris! 👊🏼


Mary Condina


Nick Hristo

All the best Chris! You can beat this!


Sam Saggers


Kosta Tom Nick Theodorakakos

All the best Chris keep up the fight You’re an inspiration to us all



Go Chris!


Johnny Floridis

Proud of you mate, what an inspiration


Steven Vacca

Hey mate, Keep fighting the battle, thinking of you and your family through these tough times.


Anna Mccabe

Go Chris? You'll be amazing. You are such an inspiration to all.


Matthew Angeli

Keep it up Chris you legend


Dimitri Frantzis

Its been almost 1 year now. There were signs of something not quite right at the very start, then one day those small signs became big signs. We have watched you go through your ups and downs, but have never given up hope. You are inspirational to me and those around you. Positive thoughts, healthy lifestyle and a good network. Love you Chris


Antonio Longo

You are an inspiration Good luck mate


Peter Ghion

Wishing you all the best Chris! YNWA!!


Renato Castello

We're behind you, Chris!


Areti Lauriello

You've got this! X


Chris Matern

Well done Mate!


John Pontikas

Keep up the good work Chris


Maria Messineo


Peter Lempens

You’ve got this mate , all the best 👍🏼


Andrew Kantzavelos


Theo Boundris

All the best on this journey Chris


Joanne Sibonis

All the best Chris!!



Good on ya Chris. You’re truely inspirational!


Tony, Elena & Leo Petrou

Strength. Pride. Ikon.



All the best Chris 👊🏼


Chrissie Kourniotis

Bravo Chris - keep up the fight! You have always been an optimistic, even back from our school days at Norwood High and have not changed.


Lachlan Stead

All the best legend!!



You've go this!


Simon Pakula

You got this mate


Andrew Webber


Andy And Spiro

Keep up the good work, Chris💪😘



Go Papou! So proud of you!


Sava Politis

Keep believing in yourself & God. Bravo Levendi


Samuel Boras

We're right behind you levendi. Keep going


George Karipidis

Bravo Chris! All the very best mate 💪


Martin Radcliffe

All the best Chris, you are a champion.


Mark Paneras

💪smash it bro


Helen Macheras

👍👏💪 stay strong mate :)


Kostas Partou

All the best Chris.


George, Rita & Ariana G

Well done Chris! We are so proud of you and how far you have come.


Frank Tsianos

Love always mate 👊


Joanna Poutakidis

All the best Chris!!!


Ellen Velentzas

Well done Chris


Linda Pandeli

We Luv U! Always, Forever!



All the best Chris!


Terry Frangakis

Great cause...well done Chris



For a great cause


John Kefalianos

Well done Chris and like everything else you have achieved, you will smash this


Carmine Alvaro

Your a legend Chris! All the best on your journey mate


Josef Neubauer

All the best Chris


Jim Tsimopoulos

A little something to help you brother. All the best!


Tobias Handke



All the best Chris YNWA 👍🏻





Carlo Castello

Thinking of you mate, you’ve got this. 👊🏻👊🏻🙏🏻


Billy Ikonomopoulos

You’re a hero ❤️


Erfan Rahbar

Proud of you mate!


Arthur Kallos

Love you big worm


Matthew Kantarias

The way you handled yourself during these tough times has been truely inspirational! Keep being you mate. Much love MK


Nick Pontikinas



Gia Bugonis

With love and support xx


Spiro Skiadopoulos




You got this!

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