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I'm 50km this month to leave MS behind

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Make a donation, make a difference. Let's leave MS behind us!

I am a year 7 student at The Friends' School Hobart who is looking to make a difference. Please make a donation to support not only me but to help put MS behind us! 

I am hoping to raise $300 over May for MS, and you can help me do that. 

Over $500,000 have been raised already in the fight against MS in 2022, and I am looking to raise that number a little more. 

Every single dollar can make a big change for someone. And for just $36, scientists can grow MS cells in a lab to undertake research. 

Donate now! Let's put MS behind us!!! 

My Updates

Challenges coming to an end

I have managed to get over $300 dollars for the May 50k. While this is less than my original goal, it is past my new goal. 

Plus I have also managed to get over 50k, in less than a month. 

I would like to thank everyone who supported my goal. And everyone who participated in this challenge alongside me. 

Have a great start to the new month of June on Wednesday.

Week 1, Week done!

On track for my kilometre count, and doing well with donations. I can't wait to see what these coming weeks have in store. If I manage to stay on the track I currently have I could get up to 80 kilometres!!

Plus wishing a happy Mother's Day to you all!!!

4 days down, 27 to go!!

Already at 10k, and $187?! This is so great. Please share this page if you see it! Let's stop MS in its tracks. All you need to do is make a simple donation. Thank you to those who have donated! Let's get to $550 by the end of the month!!!

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Go Clem!!


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Woo Hoo! Go Clemmie ;)


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Good luck Clementine

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