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Another year, another 50km in May! It has only taken 3 prior May50Kms to get my sister on board but alas we are here with something different this year. And as a late addition, we have another double trouble duo to log 50km alongside us; Sophie Carrigg and Jaz Arnott (Big cheers girls for jumping on board, you're both superhuman souls). Each year has been bigger and better and so different from the last so why not mix it up even more with the double trouble teams.

2019: Ran 60km solo: raised $792.00

2020: Ran 50km + added some honey bee friends to the mix who supported the cause and did an epic job of collectively raising $1700.00

2021: Decided it was a good idea to swim the 50km coming off a shoulder recon but with the help of 4 special girls who ran/walked 50km each too (shout out to Layla, Carla, Meg and Tahls) plus all of you who chipped in we raised the biggest achievement yet of $3125.00

2022: I will be swimming 65km, my sister Megs shall be doing a whopping 100km by foot and both Soph & Jaz will be running 50km each! In terms of how much we will raise.. that’ll be the cherry on the cake after another month of raising awareness.

So some of you may be like geez surely give the old bod a rest now… well to be truthful I was going to sit this year out. But Multiple Sclerosis is not something you may have the privilege of opting in and out of and given MS is so close to home for us it really didn’t gel with me to not give it another crack, plus I have a rubber arm and Megs wasn’t going to let me skip out when she is finally on board. By now you would all know in some shape or form how passionate I am about raising awareness for this incredible foundation as still unbeknown to me, there is no known cure and although there are some pretty effective treatment options, none can promise a life of freedom from this gruelling condition. So the least I can do is use my healthy and able body (bulletproof shoulder and all) to ramp up another year of awareness.

If you’d like to get around the beautiful girlies and I, we would be truly appreciative to you and words can’t describe how much it would mean. So whether that be through donation or joining us for a swim/walk/run or simply sharing our page with your friends/family/colleagues/barista/category of your choice, that would be absolutely mint!

If you’ve made it this far, you are a true MVP and deserve a gold star! Cheers to month ahead, let’s crush it xxx

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Jacob Delaporte

Work hard play hard


Ella Fracaro

Keep following that black line - nearly there!! 💕💪😎


Natalie Anderson



So proud as always, get it girl x



Superstars x


Vanessa Hollis

Epic job Kels!


Henry Simpson

Good luck!


John & Paula Carrigg

Go Sopha xx




Sarah Campbell


Salis Family

All the best ladies



Absolute champion! Keep on smashing it


Isabelle Simillion

Great cause and a great gal ❤️


Rob Arnott

You promised to take it easy!!! 🤣


Pamela Formby

A good cause Jaz. Good luck sweetheart Xx


Layla Wright

go u 🤍


Melanie Singleton


Gemma Singleton

You girls are going to smash this, well done ❤️ Love yous !!


Flic Palmer


Kelsey O'grady


Abbi Kerimofski

You go girls! Proud of you xx


Kylie C

Good on you Kels. Good luck with your fund-raising:)



You've got this gals 💪


Mum And Dad

Go Kelo 🏊‍♂️


Jess + Tee + Biggie




Good on ya Kels 💖

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