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Our family and our partners are all taking part in The May 50K challenge and will be leaving our limits behind to raise funds for life-changing research into multiple sclerosis! As many will know, our beautiful mum Helen Papanicolaou who has such a kindhearted and generous soul has battled with MS since her late 20s. Our family knows all too well the practical reality of MS and the hardships of those diagnosed with this terrible disease. Unfortunately our mum was properly diagnosed much later than when her symptoms first appeared and treatment options were particularly limited during that time. We all want to participate in this challenge for our mum and all those that battle with MS and contribute as much as possible to research into the disease, its treatment options and potentially a cure!

Sadly, MS is commonly diagnosed in the prime of life between just 20 - 40 years old. We need your help to leave MS where it belongs, behind us. Research is the key to changing the future of MS and we've accepted The May 50K challenge to change lives.

Every donation counts so please make a donation to support our challenge and cheer on Helen's Team!

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Angela Chalazia To

Great cause. Love you 😍


George Papanicolaou


Con Tambassis

You got this !!!😁


Michael Papanicolaou

Great Cause thanks for running for mum she loves you.


Ash Valanidas

Good luck, team - an awesome cause :) Hope you catch you and the Vouroudis clan sometime soon!



Start running!!


Lyn Theodoridis

Love your work Christiane


Malamo Konidaris

Way to go team


Anna Tsihlis

Well done Despina. We are very proud of you ❤❤❤


Michael Papanicolaou

Love you mate lets run hard


Kyriakos & Deanna Tambassis

Great work Deb xx


George Stamoulos

Go Despina!



Great work sis!


Anna Kirris



Joanna Nunez

Get it girl!


Vincent & Fiona

Great work Deb!! :) xx


Anna Matsoukas

Sending❤️To you all. Great cause!


Renee Sorras

Best of luck!


Christiane Papanicolaou


Donna Meers



Clare Haddad

Hi guys, you're all amazing, and Helen is incredible. It's honestly a privilege to have known you all for so long, and see the way you care so much for your beautiful mum. Huge love and hugs to you all


James Grant


Pamela Triants


Marianna Konidaris

So proud of you guys, xx


Christiane Papanicolaou


Michelle Ahladiotis


Tijana Novakovic


Heather Starkey

Great work! xx


Christina Dos Santos