If Sam can do it, you can

We are fundraising to help find a cure and leave MS behind.




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Support our challenge to leave MS behind us, where it belongs!

At this moment in time, there are over 33,000 Australians living with MS and it has become our team's mission to make sure those people get the help and the cure that they so deserve. To leave MS behind us where it belongs. 

As Team Captain, I recently heard a story from a man who was first diagnosed with MS at the age of twelve. After hearing his diagnosis, he turned to his mum and said, “why is this happening to me, mum”. To which she responded, “why not you son”. That is where we are with MS at this moment in time. MS doesn’t pick or choose you; it can happen to anyone of us, BUT it doesn’t always need to be that way. 

We want the future response from a Mother to a Child to be, “don’t worry son, MS has a cure, and I will do everything in my power to make sure you get access to that cure as soon as possible”. 

Striving for this response is down to us, right now, when we commit to signing up for this challenge. We can make that change happen. 

Researchers have told us it is now possible to find that all-important cure. While I am still physically able, I will keep lacing up my shoes, standing tall and proud, and putting myself through hell and back each May to lead this amazing team "If Sam can do it, you can". So please help support us in our monumental efforts to help those with MS live the best lives they can <3>

Thank you!  

Thank you to our Sponsors


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Can’t stop the Irish Well done Triona ☘️


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Good luck Triona


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Best of luck Triona


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Best of luck Triona!


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Good luck Triona


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Proud of your for supporting your friend and a great cause 👏 ❤️



Hi Lisa great work for such a terrible disease


Robyn & Geoff Liggins

Go Bree 😍😎


Super Awesome


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Well done Bree!


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