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A message from my dearest Saul:

Hey legends!

Where the heck did the last 12 months go?

First of all, thanks to everyone who supported us last year. With the help of our friends and family, we raised over $10,000 for MS Research. Just an incredible achievement and it was so bloody great to know so many of you were kind enough to donate, especially through difficult times of the past 18 months! So thank you for that. The total contribution towards important research was $6.5 million dingo dollars. Immense. 

This year we're doing the May 50 again. It goes without saying that I'm not expecting anywhere near the same amount as last year, (so please don't feel bad if you can't donate), but if you do feel like donating, we'd very much appreciate it! Or if you want to strap on those dusty runners and get out there and do a couple of kms, that would be just as meaningful. 

Multiple sclerosis has impacted our lives massively, and does so for around 2.5 million people worldwide. It's nasty and it's not going anywhere until the clever buggers in lab coats come up with a way of repairing brains and central nervous systems that are eaten by their own immune systems. And until then, my efforts in doing my part to raise awareness and vital funds for research will not go away either. 

Update on me: Knock on brain and spinal chord have no more damage than they did this time last year, so despite the daily struggles, I'm considering that a win!

Go well, be good, stay safe, catch ya soon!

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Jennifer Helmuth

Go you pair and lm right there with you both in spirit.



Lets say goodbye to MS!





Great cause, with you guys all the way.

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