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Support our challenge to raise money for MS research.

Anna was diagnosed with MS in July 2020, and Anna and Jess are turning 40 in July  2021. We’ve decided to do the Three Capes Track for our 40th, and raise money for MS research doing the May 50K as part of our training. We both live in Fern Tree at the foot hills of Mt Wellington and most of the ground we cover in the 50k will be here.

Research is the key to improve the lives of people living with MS. Our Grandpa had MS and did not have any treatments available to slow his disease. Fast forward to 2020 and Anna has multiple good treatment options. Your donation will help improve the lives of those people already diagnosed and those who come after us. 

Please make a donation to support our challenge. Thank you!

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Kelly (pettit) And The Bartel Family

Anna, you are amazing. I love that you are doing something so important, which will help many, whilst also managing your own journey. Shane, Lily, Charlie and I are sending you love and support. Xx




Shannon Mccarthy

Go Anna! You’re amazing!


Anna Ritchie


Anna Bamford


Clare Houston

Go girls!!!! Xxx



Awesome walking Anna! You and Jess will love Three Capes!


Libby Lester


Liza Gadd

Good work 👌


Tristan Roberts

Great job Anna and crew!


Kara Martin

You're incredible, Anna. <3


Sally And Roger

Well done Anna and Jess.



Go Anna x


Eb X

Keep laughing ladies xxx


Marcus Dabner



Yeah the girls! 👏👏👏👏


Rebekah Mcwhirter

Looking forward to your three capes photos!


Sarah Hewer


Katelyn Brooks

Amazing work!


Michelle Allpress

I love that this hasn't got you down and you're still smiling and kicking goals. Xoxo


Susie Furphy

Go Anna, and team!


Carolyn Philpott

All the best, Anna - we're thinking of you and cheering you on! Best wishes, Carolyn, David, Lucas and Marcus xxxx


Jessica Hidding


Amanda Lo


Erin Parker


Katharine Owens

Go Anna !


Deb Sparks

Dear Anna and Jess Very moved to read your news Anna. Good luck for your amazing walk in Tas. You’re an inspiration ❤️ All the best lovely ladies xxx Deb and fam


Nick Hewenn

Good luck, looking forward to seeing you guys out here in July.


Amanda Blakney




Go get em girls!




Losa Goulevitch