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Support our challenge to leave MS behind!

We're taking part in The May 50K. We will be running 50km (each!) throughout May to raise funds for life-changing research into multiple sclerosis! 

MS is a chronic illness that attacks the nerves. This seems like a worthy cause for me to put down a book for. 

There are over 25,600 Australians living with MS and we need your help to leave MS where it belongs, behind us. Research is the key to changing the future of MS and we’ve accepted The May 50K challenge to be an active part of the change. 

Please make a donation towards our fundraiser today and support our team challenge. Thank you for your support!  

Thank you to our Sponsors


A.j. Chapman

Thank you for doing what you're doing! Hope this donation helps!


Henry Fitzgerald

Hello! Hope all is well


Lesley Drew


Henry Fitzgerald

Hello! I see you're halfway there... hope all is well with you and your hoond


Aleyn Silva

Zoom zoom


Alex Williams

Congratulations on such an incredible effort. Infinitely proud of all your hard work <3


Tracey Healy


Cameron Healy


Ali Bulbul

A fantastic initiative to get behind. I hope you go onto far exceed your initial goal. Good luck and happy running!




Maxwell Warren

Well done Jacqui, you're always helping out others :)


Stephanie Rowell

Amazing work Chloe!