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I'm running 100km this May to leave MS behind

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Support my challenge to leave MS behind!

I’m taking part in The May 50K challenge this May to raise funds for life-changing research into multiple sclerosis!

MS strikes young people in the prime of their lives. The average age of diagnosis is only 30 years old, and there is no known cure.

Please make a donation and support my challenge to leave MS where it belongs, behind us.

Your donation will support research into the prevention, treatment and finding a cure for multiple sclerosis to change lives.

Thank you!

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The journey

Four years into this epic journey and together with my team of misfits we’re going to hit 50k raised for the May 50k in 2024.
This fundraiser keeps me going for another year, every year. 
Your support means more than you realise.
Thank you

Thank you to my Sponsors


Anthony, Jess & Zara

Congratulations on completing another May50k. Love watching the momentum grow each year!


Blake Parker

18k baby!



Don’t let me down! 8km to go. Go hard Sam - you got this!


Jules Newman

Go Sammy 👊


Leonie Johnson


Brad And Kim Carter

Awesome job Sam well done love you heaps


Quinny And Less

Doing amazing work brother. I'll chuck an extra dollar in for every point the Storm scores against Manly. So zero extra dollars.


Sam Austin

Love your work mate. Keep it up!


Kathy Mathers

Your courage is very inspiring Sam. Good on you for taking up this 100km challenge. Good luck, Kathy X


Sophie Culbert



John And Linda

So proud of you Sam 💕


Anthoula Moutis

Good luck Sam and team!


Kate Burke


Rhys Hayward


Steph Atkins

So proud, Sam! Keep doing great things



Good luck Sam! Know you will smash this one.


Melissa Seach

Go Sam!


Ashleigh Edwards


Dollar Match Day


Dollar Match Day


Kylie Schneider


The Beatties

If you knew how I wanted someone to come along And change my life the way you've done #soproud #DawsonsCreek


Anastasia Gilchrist


Emma And Matt

Love you guys so much 💪💪👏👏


Erin Mitchell

Amazing effort Sam! My Pa had MS and I know how important it is to raise money to help find a cure. You've got this!


Dollar Match Day


Dollar Match Day


Kerrie County


Tanika And Margot Alais

Right behind you Sammy! Love Margot and T x


Madelaine Burke

Well done Sam!👏🏼


Paul Hogan

Good luck sensei!


Chris And Caitlyn

Great job again mate!


Joel Dwyer


Meg Kuut

Hope you smash all your goals Sam!!


June Carter

Nan’s is with you all the way mate she would be so proud of you. As I am as well .👏👏❤️❤️


Hunter Care Group - Jarrod Burns

Hey bro, Great stuff proud of you Sam. Hope this helps you get toward your fundraising goal.


Nicole Bidey

Go Sammy ❤️💙



Let’s do this Sam! We are starting this off with a bang and you’re going to smash out those 100km. Don’t let me down!


Allison Harding

Hi Sam, I think you know I have a sister with MS so I completely get it's a shitty condition, and there are really down times. Just wear a skivvy to work on those days! You'll look like a Wiggle!


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Facebook Donation


Sam Bidey

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