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I'm 50km this month to leave MS behind

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I'm doing this not only with my team, but for myself and all my MS Warrior brothers and sisters who battle this terrible disease everyday.

To all my friends, near and far -

In November 2019 I was diagnosed with MS.

The May 50K and the boys I coach, have finally given me the courage to come out and admit to you all, but also to myself, that I have this terrible disease.

I'm not making excuses for my lack of contact over the years, but have finally come to realise why I have been so bad at it.

Without knowing why, over the many years we have known each other, I have slowly withdrawn away from you all and within myself.

It wasn't until my diagnosis that the penny finally dropped and some answers started to appear.

Some of you have seen me with my struggles, but only Hayley and my 2 beautiful kids, have seen me at my worst -  these are the times when I truly hide myself away.

I receive a treatment called Ocrevus via an infusion every 6months which usually takes between 5-6hrs to administer, along with many other drugs to help keep my MS somewhat tolerable. This treatment came about because of events like this.

Ocrevus gives me a portion of my life back, but ultimately only delays the inevitable. But I believe I am one of the luckier ones who have this, if there is such a thing!

I also participate in a study program for doctors around the world to help them understand MS and to help in possibly finding a cure for this horrible debilitating disease.

I'm putting myself out there while I am still able, in the hope that monies raised now, may help someone with MS in the future to be cured, or even rid the world completely from MS.

Just $1 from everyone I know will go a long way.

For the lack of contact on my behalf, I apologise profusely,
for your donation into the research and fight .... I love you dearly.

To all the MS Warriors out there stay strong and keep pushing.👊👊

Please share my post.🙏

I’m taking part in The May 50K challenge and will be leaving my limits behind to raise funds for life-changing research into multiple sclerosis!

Sadly, MS is commonly diagnosed in the prime of life between just 20 - 40 years old. I need your help to leave MS where it belongs, behind us. Research is the key to changing the future of MS and I’ve accepted The May 50K challenge to change lives.

Please make a donation to support my challenge.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Jeff Ford


Richelle Baker

Hi Aaron, Sending you lots of love and best wishes for the walk. Great that we can get the total over your goal. Shell xxx


Janelle Chandler

Thinking of you always stay strong & fight hard. Love you always Nel Grant & kids


Harry, Kylie, Megs & Claire

You are an Absolute Champion!!!


Ben Kiddie


Trevor Lucas


Shaley & Jamie

Stay Strong! 💪🏻Xx


Wade Ford

From your big brother, you can do this


Dannielle And Adam

This is for you Coach. Here’s to a cure 💪🏽


Cherryl Ford

So proud of you all supporting Aaron.Mum




Karl & Monique


Michelle & Phil Hall

Stay strong! Your an inspiration to all the boys. Thank you



You’ve got this Aaron!


Daniel Maddocks

Stay strong Aaron.


Jarron Maisey

Great work old mate




Cherryl Ford

We are so proud of you. Keep being strong,we you know you have a challenge ahead and please know we are there for you .love always mum and dad


Kellie Mcmurray


Simone N Brett Wellard

Thanks Legend❤


Alina And Chris

For you and Hayley


Louise & James Sanders

Hey Aaron...You got this! Amazing to see your family & friends supporting you with MS. Stay strong! Love The Sanders Family x


Jarrod Flanagan

Hi Aaron wishing all the best with your fight with MS mate. Hopefully we get to see you some time soon when you home. All our Love Jarr, Bek & Jack




Max & Bev Flanagan

Well Done Aaron


Kate Suddell

From Kate & Molly xx

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