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I'm running 100km this month to leave MS behind

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Help support me and my dad in leaving MS behind!

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a disease in which the immune system eats away at the protective covering of nerves (called the myelin sheaths) resulting in nerve damage which disrupts communication between the brain and the body.  

MS causes many different symptoms, including vision loss, severe pain/discomfort, fatigue and impaired coordination. These vary from person to person, whilst some may live symptom free for most of their lives, others can have severe, chronic symptoms that can never go away. Currently there is no cure, but research and treatments are underway that could have life changing implications for people living with MS. 

This is something quite personal for me and very close to my heart. As some of you may know my dad has suffered from MS for the last thirty years and I’ve seen the impact that this autoimmune disease has on a persons daily life first hand. 

To help support my dad and others living with MS I’ve decided to take part in The May 50K. * I’ve made a slight adjustment and increased this too 100km run throughout the month of May, as this is something so important to me and I would really loved to be pushed to my limits * 

But I need your help to leave MS where it belongs, behind us! I would really appreciate it if you made a donation to support me and my dad or even joined the challenge! This is a great opportunity to help smash those fitness goals whilst helping change people’s lives ☺️💛 

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Alta And Theunis Kotzee

Very proud of you and thank you !!


Klaus Heyer


Ilse Krüger


Liz Morosini

Go Ingrid!


Mum And Dad

So proud of what you are doing. We will walk/ run with you... maybe not quite as far and fast...but will certainly give it a go :-) Love you <3


Neil Bester

Good luck Ingrid!




Daleen Potgietrr


Di Luxton

Good on you Ingrid such a worthy cause ❤️



When you’re ready x


Kaine Drew

So proud of you and the goals you are crushing! Keep up the amazing work!


Ingrid Kotzee


Will Bainbridge


Connor Hicks


Fiona Pankhurst

Really proud of you Ingrid, such a great thing to do, best wishes from The Panks x


Clare Perrett

This is amazing! Go you xx let me know if you need anything ever girl


Isabella Morosini

I love you! So proud of what your doing xxx


Amelia Krpan

Love you Ink and this ❤️❤️


Ricqui Bradley

so proud of you, good luck!!!


Jemma Cawood

I LOVE U SO MUCH !! Run extra fast for me xox


Grace Gough


Jaime Bretherton

SO PROUD!!! run an extra km for me x


Neve Russoniello

Hope this helps x


Sharna Pegg

Good luck beautiful! It’s such a wonderful thing you are doing. Your Dad must be extremely proud too. Love from the Pegg Family xxxx


Sofie Doyle

You’re amazing, so proud you!! Xx




Hannah Fernandes


Ashur Sutton-baker


Maverick Parker


Jacob Arratoon