Jessica Baker

Support my challenge to leave MS behind!

10 months ago my whole world felt like it’d been turned upside down when out of no where I was diagnosed with Remitting Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis at the end of my undergrad. I’m very lucky I caught it so early but I was not going to let it define me. I went on to start my honours and study my passion even though the start was beyond a struggle! In a few months I’ll be finished and in a few weeks tutoring at Heron Island and cannot believe it. If you asked me 10 months ago if I thought I’d be here i’d say hell no! I have sacrificed a lot of social events to prioritise my health and honours. I’m not one to usually post about it but there still is no cure for MS, the medications have advanced substantially but still no cure and still a lot unknown. So I’m running 50km in May to raise money for MS research, would appreciate anyones support ☺️

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Kyle Murphy

Hey Jess! You’ve got this! 👌


Rod Baker

Hi Jessica I’m so proud of you. Good luck with the ride . Love dad .





You got this girl ❤️



You are amaze, beautiful Jess ❤️


Max Bowers


Karen Ellis


Rob & Coralie Reeve

You are an inspiration


Jesse Bowman

Get the dogs.


Josh And Georgia



Allan Green


Jaimee & Dwayne



Good luck Jess xx


Morgan And James Xx


Maria Rasmussen


Kim Hammond


Dörte Weise

Enjoy the run and goooo girl!





Tanya Turl

Go got this. Wishing you well 💕


Astra Baker

Love you Jessie..very proud of you xxoo


Jackson B

You’re an absolute legend Jess!! Happy to donate to a good cause


Tenille Buchan


Josh Welsh

You’re an inspiration legend!


Stephen Murray

Good luck Jess xx


Travis & Ida


Anne Abela

Go Jess. We are so proud of you xx


Nita Dickinson

Well done Jess & good luck with the 50klm



You’ve got this, baby! X



You are amazing gal friend! You are truly an inspiration ❣️❣️


Rene Hill

So proud of you!


Aikaterini Kamel

You Got this Jessica 💪


Zoe Elves

Holy moly Jess . Well done with your honours and new job all while coming to terms with your new diagnosis . You are bloody inspiring Onwards and upwards sweet girl ! Xx


Olympia Hunter




Maddison Murphy


Tahlia Dickinson

You got this Jess!! ❤️


Ashleigh Duggan

Awesome Jess, good luck!


Tyson Jones & Cody James

Go Jess!! Sending all our support! Love Tyson and Cody x


Cassandra Law


Niki Antram

You are Amazing Jess 🧡



Goodluck in the run Jess!! ❤





Jules Mcneilly

Cannot even imagine what you’ve been going through. All the best xx

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