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I'm walking 50km this May to leave MS behind

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Support my challenge to leave MS behind!

I was diagnosed on New Year’s Day after going partially blind in my left eye amongst other things - the biggest shock of my life!! I am beyond devastated. So……

I’m taking part in The May 50K challenge this May to raise funds for life-changing research into multiple sclerosis!

Please make a donation and support my challenge to leave MS where it belongs, behind us.

Your donation will support research into the prevention, treatment and finding a cure for multiple sclerosis to change lives.

I am still off work so this is my therapy to help get me back there!! One step at a time! 

Thank you!

Love Jussie

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Amazing donations

Woke this morning to a heap of donations which really lifted my heart, really hope this momentum keeps up so I can hit this final goal!! Finding a cure is so important!!


Didn’t get out today, my head space is quite changeable and dealing with the emotional effects of this diagnosis is quite challenging. One day at a time I guess. Have engaged a great psychologist to add to my village!

New life

We are at the halfway mark of the month and my best friend sent me this, life is really hard right now but this mantra really is worth fighting for. My walk today wasn’t long but todays focus has been on the inside of my heart for creating a better future for us!


Totally stolen, not much glimmering for me, but pushed myself out for a walk and met another beautiful choc lab


This diagnosis and pain is really difficult, experts say it can take up to 2 years to accept. I’m certainly struggling. So yesterday I added a psychologist to my village. I spent time in her office instead of doing a walk. It’s called self care I guess.


It impacts every part of your life, so many curve balls to navigate

Rest day

Sometimes you realise you have overdone it- do too much one day can mean being forced to take rest days!!

Head space

It’s def an emotional roller coaster, learning to control them is one of the hardest parts of this shitty diagnosis. Finding my village to support me is imperative!

Zap me!

It’s no fun getting an electric shock but I guess I’m lucky it’s not every day but you tend to stop looking down to avoid it. I’ve had this for a couple of years, just ignored it, hindsight is 20:20

Infusion day

Every 28 days I get a monoclonal antibody infusion called Tysabri to help slow (or hopefully fully stop) my MS progression! It suppresses part of my immune system by modulation. The money raised previously for MS research enabled this drug to come to fruition to make my journey less disabling! My future looks much brighter than those with MS did only 20 years ago.

Where you live

According to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, areas farthest from the equator have the highest prevalence of MS. Conversely, MS is rare in populations that live near the equator. Several factors could be in play including vitamin D sunlight, diet, genetics and temperature. Research is ongoing.

Uhtoffs phenomenon

It’s a strange thing and very difficult to adjust to. Heat and stress make me blind again, cool down and I go back to my new baseline. (Which is still a bit shit but have more healing to happen yet)


Wasn’t really up to going out today but another MSer had a funny glitch with her horse that inspired me to get out there and try match her kms. Support and togetherness is really important!! Found a horse paddock for a pic.


A bit harder today, many symptoms of MSers are hidden, they look fine but inside things are just not functioning properly so they expend much more energy on simple tasks.

Change the score!!

Thanks to such generous people in my life we reached my $2000 target so I’ve changed the score just like the Sean Millis inspirational song- have a listen New target $5,000


33,000 Australians have MS, 3 out of 4 are women. This skippy had a good look at us walking past, nature is beautiful and can give us positives in life!

Find a cure

With sufficient funding, our researchers are 10 years away from stopping MS!! This mud isn’t going to stop me and Brandy is not coming inside after this walk!!


Its cooler when it rains!! Absolutely amazed at the wicked donations coming in. Thx

In memory of anne mcgearty

I dedicate my first day of walking to my natural aunt Anne McGearty who fought hard against MS, I’m honoured to have known her.

Let’s help researchers find a cure!

I’m going to do this challenge to keep fit and help raise funds for MS, there is so much research happening and they need dollars to really make a difference to lives!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Gail :-)

Well done gf 🙌


Lou Lou

You rock girl 😘💕💕


Peta Tydd


Jillian Whitby

Thinking of you Justine


Jill Tremewan


Tracey D



Wishing you well Justine x


Zoe Baxter

The strongest woman I know. So proud of you everyday xxx


Lesley Rampton


Shelley Wright


April Spadina

Love you xx


Kym Phillips


Country Connect Pty Ltd

Inspiring others mate! Keep going Juzzy!!!


Lyn Battle

Justine! I can't imagine any ailment dragging you down! Keep smiling! Love, Lyn 'n' Tex


Holly M





I'm barracking for you Jussie Xx



Best of Luck Jusie



Happy to sacrifice a bottle of Prosecco this week!


Shannon Corrigan


Karen Dalton



Hey Juss, all the best with your mission, keep it up!!


Kim Worsley

You got this girl!!! You are strong, formidable and amazing. Love ya!


Fleming Jim

Go you good thing!


Bridge And Trin

We are so proud of how far you’ve come in the last 6 months, you are one of the strongest women we know are so thankful to have you in our lives, keep pushing you got this


Sarah Rossiter

Big love to you Jussie 💕


Joanne Paton

Good luck to you Justine ❤️


Tracey Blandon


Diane Lippiatt

Great work my beautiful friend xo


Wendy Jackson

You go girl!!


Jacinta Hayward

Well done crusader x


Gaye Jennings

Thinking of you - much love ❤️



You've got this!


Janine Holland

Good on you Jussie Lots of love from Nene n all the fam💜


Amy Casella


Justin/kelly Espinoza

To a legend of a woman we hold dear to our heart 😘


Darlene & Allan

Super proud of you Jussie & hope this donation helps not only MS Research but your own continuing journey xx


Rod Cuthbertson




Stuart Wynn

Good work Justine!


Nick Wilson

Go hard! You’ll smash it 👍🏻




Big Sis



Madeline Griffiths

So proud of you Aunty Jussie 🩷


Cain English

Go Justine!!!


Tracy Mcgrouther



Andy Marshall


Jackie S Parry

All the best special lady xoxo


Scott Wallace

Catch up soon


Deb Keeley

Best wishes to you!


Cheryle Matthew


Jeff & Kelly Murray

Great cause to support mate.


Roobi Crew

Great effort and a very worthy cause ❤️


Emily Stewart



Sn Wwsa

Justine you have the strength to do this remember the storms and ride on through. Go girl.


Karen Borg


Leezett Birch

Go you ❤️


Nicola Wright

We're with you Justine!!


Louise Lethbridge


Greg Carroll

You rock Jussie!!! xx


Leanne Paras

You got this girlfriend


Mary-anne Raven

You've Got this Champ!


Jemma Coyne

You’ve got this Jussy! 🙌❤️


Tracey Berry


Amanda Lammers

You got this sister 💕


Jim Mcgearty

Hope this helps


Omar Askar


Chrissie Morrison

Go Sister! You can do it 🌸💕


Justine Porter

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