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I'm walking 50km this month to leave MS behind

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Hi there, my name is Leanne I was diagnosed with MS whilst pregnant with my third baby nearly 23 years ago. It has been a rough ride at times but I’m hanging in there because that is what MS warriors do right! 

The last couple of years have challenged me more than ever with additional diagnosis of Progressive Heart Disease a TripleBypass, a diagnosis of Diabetes followed by Chemo for MS and most recently 6 weeks ago major surgery for cancer.

 I won’t lie my body is not in a good place at all I am my just starting Physical rehab with a Physiologist and my pain level is right up there but I need a challenge and I want to make a difference for the generations to come  despite being petrified of failing.😬But despite my fears  I’ve decided to take part in the May 50K walk (definitely not a run 😳)and whilst I am as scared as because I am only 6 weeks post major surgery for cancer I want to do this . I will be walking 50km throughout May and leaving my limits behind to raise funds for life-changing research into multiple sclerosis! 

There are over 25,600 Australians living with MS and I need your help to leave MS where it belongs, behind us. 

And research is the key to changing the future of MS, so I’ve accepted The May 50K challenge to change lives.

Please make a donation to support my challenge. Thank you so much!

My Updates

MS FACT 3: Exercise can result in temporary debilitating weakness

No two people with MS will
share the exact same symptoms, experiences and story however there are varying similarities .
Today’s Physiotherapy and
Physiology  sessions for me were great but did leave my legs rendered quite weak and jelly like making it difficult to
stay up right for the next couple of  hours curtailing my plan to clean the floors.I felt deflated by the vivid reminder I had MS that was progressing and  although it was frustrating they did recover and by the afternoon I was still able to do my walk. It just means my floors are still dirty 😬


I can’t believe I have reached my revised goal of $2000  already 👏 I might just need to up my goal  again after all it is only the second day of the month 😍

You can walk into a shopping centre feeling ok and on the way out every step can feel as though you have sand bags tied to your  ankles as you walk. That’s how MS can roll for some of us. 



I am so psyched tomorrow is the official starting day and you guys have me now feeling I can doing anything (almost😜) Your messages of support are amazing and your donations have blown my mind.

🙏It would mean a lot if you would considering sharing my page if you haven’t already. 

💋I am going to start a day earlier with my month of MS Facts and so here is Fact one


🔈FACT ONE : Do you know that children as young as two are being diagnosed with MS. This is why I want to help make a difference for the generations to come. I know this fact to be true because I chat with some of these parents online and it breaks my heart they are just babies.


I can’t believe the kindness and generosity that I have seen come in today and the Month of May hasn’t even started yet . You have all Inspired and motivated me even more so much so I have moved the bench mark and set my self a goal of $2000 as I  have already received over $800 in donations in one day
I have also decided to share a fact about MS or how MS has impacted in my / my families life each day for the month of May with the idea being to provide some education and knowledge about the most common Neurological disease for younger people. As sad as  it is we are all likely to know of  someone or a loved one who has the disease and I believe  knowledge is power .
Thank you so much and please feel
free to share the page . I’m pumped and I haven’t felt this motivated in a long time so thank you for being a part of my Journey🙏

Thank you to my Sponsors


Rob Husk Services

Leanne, good luck on the run (strike that), walk! I know you have been through some hard times and the team at RHS (Lisa, Apryl, and myself) want to wish you good health and success on your 50K run (strike that), walk !




Ryan Manusu

From the Manusu famiky


Tyler Stowers


Southwest Trans ( Isaac Dufficy )



Anthony Carroll

Good luck Leanne.You are an inspiration to so many people. Take Care Anthony


Melanie Palmer

This is a wonderful thing to do Leanne , good luck my beautiful friend. Keep me updated .💗


Geoff & Di Green

You go girl. What an absolute champion.


John And Karen Miceli

Good on you! You are an inspiration to everyone ❤️




Smiley Isley

Go Nanny! I’m so proud of you love you xx


Lynnette Dufficy

Here’s to kissing Goodbye to MS


Lisa & Colin

Well done Leanne


Jodie Reeder

You've got this🤗


Terry And Janice Dufficy





Wendy Young


Keith & Karen Akins



💜💜 You've got this



So proud of you. Love and miss you guys


Tayla Hibbs


Anthony Dufficy

Well done Leanne. Very inspiring! Tony& Jackie


Karen Miller

Good on you Leanne xx


Les And Dianne Bailey

You inspire us everyday leanne



Leanne, you are an inspiration to so many. I hope your walking is going well for you. All our love, the Mays xxx


Michelle Aitken

Good luck Leanne, you are an amazing lady.xxx


Karen Beezem

You can do this You’re an amazing woman


Matthew Carroll

Go for it Leanne, you can do it all the best love ya xxx


Rick Chandler

Bless you keep punching


Julie Dufficy

Thinking of you, good luck x


Joanne Ryder

So proud of you Leanne you are such an inspirational and amazing lady oxo


Helen Sheehan

I'm EXTREMELY proud to call you my long time friend Leanne. May God Bless you doll for everything you've been and are going through. Always here for you ❤️ xoxoxo


Michele Koulouris

You’re a true inspiration 💕


Vicki Frost

Your personal journey is an inspiration to many..... Best wishes


Libby Carroll

You go Leanne, you really are so inspirational. Good luck with the walk ❤❤





Bronwyn Schweitzer

Love from the Schweitzers


Bron Davis


Katelyn Charles

Proud of you mum! Xx


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Maria Muddell

I support you Leanne, every step of the way, you are a brave, courageous woman and your strength is admirable. Maria Muddell ❤❤


Kathleen & Edward


Christine Halfpenny

You are an inspiration!! Good luck walk !! xx


Veronica Lincoln

You’ve got this


Julianne Kirby

Best of luck in your challenge. I know you will kill it as you have faced so much adversity and yet keep going


Leanne Charles


Dyanne Mardon

Leanne, I wish you good luck with the walk honey. You really are an inspiration. xxx


Jo Mcdonald

Cheers to you Leanne 🤩




Donna Campton

I am so proud of your achievements. Your a legendary woman with a huge heart, congratulations on the success of this challenge.


Danielle & Matt Ruming

Such a great achievement Leanne you're amazing!


Saroj Reddy

Go girl! You are amazing!


Cathryn Boyce

Good luck with your fundraising x


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Good luck Leanne you're amazing


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You can do it Leanne. Wishing you all the best ❤


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So amazing! All the best!


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You are amazing!


Judy Crowley

You are very inspirational Leanne ❤ keep up the great achievements xo


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Fantastic work❤️