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I'm walking 50km this month to leave MS behind

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Support my challenge to leave MS behind!

This May, I will be taking part in The May 50K challenge. I will be walking 50km throughout May to raise funds for life-changing research into Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Research is the key to changing the future of MS.

There are over 25,600 Australians living with MS and I am one of them. I have been living with MS for the past five years and it has been a roller coaster ride to say the least! To be able to take on this challenge and share my story alongside it is a big step for me so I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for clicking on my fundraising page link to support me in this step. 

The best part is, I won't be doing this challenge alone! My amazing team 'Wellness Warriors' will also be joining me by taking part in The May 50K challenge. Yes, this means they will also be taking on the challenge to walk 50km each throughout May to raise funds! Told you they are AMAZING! :)

TOGETHER we can Kiss Goodbye to MS and leave MS where it belongs, behind us. 

You can show your support by sponsoring me and/or my team. Every dollar counts!

Better yet, if you're up for a challenge and want to stay active and connected during this isolation period (let's be honest, keeping active is so hard at the moment!), why not JOIN our team? We'd love to have you! 

TOGETHER we can make a greater impact!

Your support truly means so much, thank you! 

With much love & gratitude, 

Mirella xx

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Hi everyone, 

THANK YOU so much once again for your contributions towards my challenge, it truly means so much!

For those who are interested in following my story throughout May, feel free to check out my weekly blog updates on my website:

Please note: 
Blog updates will be shared on my Instagram page: 

With much love & gratitude,
Mirella xx

Thank you to my Sponsors


Raffaela And Nick Piskopos And Family Xx

Mirella, we love you very much and we are extremely proud of you. You are inspiring and courageous.


Helen Poutakidis And Family

Love and support on this journey Mirella. Wishing you all the best xx


G Thompson


Kelly Cabral

Love and support to you my beautiful friend xox


C&m Enterprise Holdings Pl (chris, Maria, Cruz & Katie Seviloglou)

We love you so much Bella & hope that this money will help you & so many others in finding a cure for MS ❤️ We love you to the moon & back Chris, Maria, Cruz & Katie Seviloglou 💋💋💋💋


Denise Leki

May every step you take bring you all closer to a cure. With love The Leki and Ktenas Family ❤


Frank Schembri

We love you stay strong you are amazing. May The Lord continue to strengthen you give you courage, peace and many many blessings.


Laura And Vonn

Mirella, never give up. Even on your worst days, stay positive. You are an inspiration and a fighter. 💕


Maria, John, Aaron And Stephanie Vella

Supporting you on this journey. You go girl! Love ya heaps


Donna Anastasiadis

You are an amazing woman Mirella. Truly beautiful inside & out!


Biondi Family

you have our support. you are a wonderful, kind, caring person.


Simon O’connor

All the best for a great a cause! Simon, Paige & Bowie


Maria Francavilla

All the best on your journey for this great cause. Love Maria x


Marki Kiparoglou

You go girl!! Love you❤️


Angela Di Lalla

My beautiful cousin..God bless!!! I love your positiviness...keep it up!! 😘♥️♥️


Anna Mendolicchio

Very proud of you!


Adam Schembri

I pray that God's wisdom will be granted on the researchers for a cure.


Matt And Tina Petrucci

Wishing you all the best!! Love Matt, Tina and kids!


Michelle Nisi


Nelida, Tony, Danielle

You have our full support Mirella! Lots of love Nelida, Tony and Danielle xxxxx


Brian, Danielle & Mia Morrison

Mirella you’re one strong, courageous and beautiful woman. I pray that they find a cure. We’re all here to support you. Xx


Dennis & Pina Stefanatos & Family

Go get it Mirella... We have faith you'll kill your goal. So proud are we of you and your team!!! xxx


Anna Colosimo

All the best, lots of love 💕💋


Aunty Mary And Robert

Thank you for sharing your story, you have our support. You are caring and wonderful. - Love always, aunty Mary and Robert xxx


Nicolette Dellaportas

Good luck Mirella, lots of love💋 Xx


Amedeo & Viktoria

Well done Mirella. It’s an important step and cause. We’re very proud of you and are all behind you. Love you lots xoxo.


Josie Portelli

To my dearest Mirella We are with you, you champ You are truly an inspiration to those around you love from Josie & Peter


Julie And Kevin Mamo & Family

Thank you for sharing your story and raising awareness about MS. We are happy to help support your challenge. All the best Mirella. Love from the Mamo family xoxo


Carmelo Cavalieri

My beautiful strong, inspiring daughter we've got this! Let's kiss goodbye to MS. I love you Xx ♥


Aunty Ros And Uncle John Schembri

You are amazing and an inspiration. Keeping you in our prayers. God bless. Love Aunty Ros and Uncle John


Diana Caputo



Good luck bella 💚🤍❤


Angela Piskopos

You are amazing Mirella and I love you. XX ❤


Liz Phillips

Well done Mirella!


Carolyn Petrucci

Your compassion to find a cure for ms is truly inspirational Mirella for yourself and others .


Jacqui Piskopos

Good luck Mirella!! I love you 😘


Sav, Romi, Tahlia & Sienna Nicolazzo

Thinking of you. Good luck beautiful xx


John Piskopos

I love you xx


Nora Ruzzene


Brigitte Thur



Many blessings on your efforts.


Stefanie Papathanasiou


Zia Gina Francavilla

Cara Mirella, Buona fortuna Con tanti baci With all my love Zia Gina Francavilla


Zio Gabriele, Zia Maria, And Ulpiano

Lots of love Miri!!! Zio Gabriele, Zia Maria, and Ulpiano.



Hope you smash your target Mirella and team! Here’s to putting an end to MS!


Gianna Anderson

Thinking of you and your strength. Wishing you all the best and love 💕



We love you so much


Di Lalla Family

Never give up!


Tina Doumis



David De Oliveira

This is a great cause.



Mirella you are killing it! Well done on your fundraising and I wish you all the best!


Akila Seneviratne

Wish you all the very best Mirella


Rita Magro

Well done Mirella on your achievement what a great cause. Your a very strong woman bless you xx


Sarah Cotsopoulos

Awesome work Mirella! You are a star :)


Denise Parusssolo

What a great achievement . You go girl


Kylie Hristov

Such a great cause, go team go!! Your such a strong inspirational woman Mirella. ❤️❤️ 💪💪


Stephania M

Well done Mirella! ✨🙏🏻


Lyn Aston


Kira Ostwald


Antonia Handley

I love you 'silly God-parents' and I can't wait to hug you, and I love you so much, from Antonia. (This message is verbatim from your God-daughter Antonia! She went to get both of her money boxes to make a donation.)


Lisa Ray

You’re an inspiration xx


Jennifer Kenny

Love you beautiful - good luck 🌟❤️


Daniella Vizzini

All the best Mirella xx


Marlaena Kiparoglou



Sue Scarafilo

All the best Mirella. :-)


Gina Lalor

Goodluck xx


Kathy Sin

Support you! Mirella