Penny Johnson

Support my challenge to leave MS behind!

Four years ago, My life changed. Most people wouldn't even notice, I lead a pretty normal albeit hectic life. 

Four years ago I was diagnosed with remitting reoccurring MS. This means, with hard work, determination and some great drugs...… I can almost get back to normal after each "flare up". Almost being the key word there. 

Every person with MS has a different story, different symptoms and different ways of dealing with it. I thought I was invincible. Determined not to fall victim to the depression so common with such a diagnosis, I did my best to continue life as normal. Hindsight suggests this wasn't such a great plan, but like most people when it comes to their health.... I was in denial.

After the birth of our first child, I reached the turning point in my MS journey. Determined to breast feed like any first time new mum meant I couldn't take my medications. I had my first "flare up". A new lesion on my spinal cord meant I lost feeling and strength in both my arms. I could barely lift our baby girl. I was overweight, unfit and tired. I knew something had to change and I had to make it happen.

I now use diet and exercise to compliment my medications. I talk openly about having MS and realize I'm not invincible.

To me the May 50 is more than just a fundraiser. Its about challenging myself and raising awareness. Its hard to explain what its like having MS. The challenges are daily and there is not yet a cure, but I am lucky to have the most amazing support network and together we are unstoppable.

Please feel free to make a donation to support my challenge.

Thank you so much!

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Pete Chigwidden

Go Pen! This is awesome!


Sarah Perkins

Love you guys, such an inspiration xx


Peta Johnson

Go Pen ❤️


Katrina Clarke

Your a champion xo


Jenny Boyle

You go girl! Good on you Pen! Jen and Arch


Tiffany Loeve

You’re amazing!


Pip Mclean

You go girl! What an inspiration you are xxx


Rebecca Blackburn

If I was cleared for exercise I’d love to join your team! Next year!!


Shannon Townsend

Thanks for sharing your story Penny, I’m sure you’ll smash this challenge!


Brenda Carrigan

Go Penny! Hope the cheer squad does their bit too!