Peter Fiacchi


Hello Family and friends!

I’m taking part in the Kiss Goodbye MS - May 50K challenge to help raise funds and awareness for life-changing medical research into multiple sclerosis and finding a cure!

For those who I have not spoken to about this, around two years ago my wife Marissa was diagnosed with MS and even though fortunately enough it was found early, it really has shaken our world. It has challenged my family and me personally both mentally and physically like nothing else, and at times, has taken its toll.

Marissa suffers from chronic migraines, severe daily fatigue and sore muscles and joints, and that's just the start of it. For me to have to watch her go through this on a near daily basis is extremely hard and upsetting to watch, feeling pretty much absolutely helpless. This is also especially the case for our two amazing daughters, who have to also see and watch their mum in regular pain and discomfort, even though Marissa and I try our hardest to put a smile on our faces, and to try not let them see what she really feels inside.

Having said that, Marissa is a warrior! she is a true fighter and our family are fighters and fight we will, never giving up and now instead of letting it get us down and depressed, standing up to it and pushing back and saying F- YOU!! You want a fight.. a fight you will get!

Although it is a 50k walk or run, being the ELITE athlete that I am... (lol) I have a goal of running 500 kms for the month of May! Yes... sounds a little crazy, but a goal I really want to achieve. This works out to be just over 16kms per day for 31 days, so training has already well and truly commenced to achieve this, I believe I can, and I believe I will!

I ask for your support, to help raise funds to donate to this fantastic organisation, so that we cannot only help Marissa, but others who are also living with this disease.

Team "Myelin Magic" have a goal of a $5,000 figure, but I reckon together, we can smash this to pieces..!!

Thanks for your time, we really appreciate your support.


Peter Fiacchi.




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John Konstandopoulos

Good Luck from you mates at Apex Steel


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Pete and Marissa, What an amazing amount of courage you both have, all the very best to you both along with all your family. Good Luck with achieving both goals, I am sure you will kick both out the park!


George Belperio


Lino Zanardo

Go for it Pete...I'll be checking


Lyndon And Melissa Valente

Good on you Pete best wishes to you and your family


Lyndon And Melissa Valente

Good Luck Pete and all the best to you and Marissa!


Randell West

Good luck bud


Ray Lepka

Goodluck on your quest Pete and best wishes to your family and have no doubt you will achieve your goal


Craig & Elaine

Great Cause! Good Luck Pete


Robbie & Natalia Fiacchi




Darryl Wright

All the best mate Power On


Craig Woods

As mentioned bud, I'm happy to follow you in a golf cart!


Peter Fiacchi


Scott Dornan Action Line Marking

Wow, what a great thing to do mate . I am sure your making your family very proud.


Jason Scali

All the best Pete.


Roc Harry

Amazing work Pete and Marissa, all the very best!


Peter Jackson

You got this Pete!


Sohail Bhojani

Hi Peter I am sorry to find out about Marissa's condition. I wish you and her all the courage to cope with it. Your 500km challenge is awesome (and hugely daunting for someone as unfit as me!). I hope your 'previous' as an elite footie star will help and wish you all the best. I hope our small contribution helps. Best Sohail


Andrew Taintey

Fantastic cause Pete. Wishing you all the very best with the tough slog ahead as I know this wont be easy to achieve. Let me know if you want a support runner along the way !


Steve Penman


Robert Belperio

Bravo Peter all the best


Chris Ginever

Good luck Peter


Sophie Chen

Fighting!!! Enjoy your run.


Mark Longo


George And Sandra

16km per day for 31days. Legend!


Jacob Surjan

Love ya legend. Kick some Ass fucken!


Vinnie Rugolo

Great idea skip look forward to seeing your progress


Georgia Maiolo


Raffi & Brady

Good luck for great cause Pete


George Fiacchi & Family

Good Luck Pete, 16K per day...what were you thinking?? :)


Mark Horwitz

Good luck Pete. Wishing Marissa good health. And I hope you have legs of steel!


Mel & Cal

You’re a legend Pete, we love you and Marissa xx


Darren Mccallum

Och aye pal! Great effort, all the best


Mark Michelmore

Good luck Pete, will have a G&T for every 10 kms you do.


Dale Millard

Good luck mate, happy to support.


Ash Williams

You can do it Pete! I believe in you in!!


Joanne Banwell

Peter & Marissa, Stay Strong !! you will smash this Fiach. Good Luck x


Mike Saj-rynes


Brady Black

Go get em POSSY ! proud of you mate. Blackie.


Brett Ebert

You will smash it Peter! Lots of love xx The Eberts


Geoff Cooke

An enormous personal effort for a great cause Peter. Wishing you all the very best for each and every km


Angela Hull

To such a beautiful amazing family, keep on fighting warriors!!


Cyrus & Sarah

Well done mate



Hi Peter I read your story about your wife Marissa. I really hope we can find a cure.


Daniel Crompton

Go Hard - Best of luck