Josh is taking on The May 50K this year with an amazing goal of raising $50,000 for people with MS. And he’s not going it alone. He's aiming to recruit a team of 50 people to run with him all through May.

Josh is taking part in honour of his mum, Sharee. She has been living with MS for 12 years. Sharee uses a wheelchair and requires full-time carers to support her living at home.

Sharee says, “My symptoms are quite widespread because of the type of MS I have which is progressive relapsing. I cannot use my legs and arms, my lungs have been compromised, and I have no trunk support.”

It means the world to her that Josh is taking part in The May 50K.

She says, “Josh has always been a wonderful support to me and the effort and time he puts into fundraising for this cause amazes me and warms my heart. He is a generous and giving young man that I am very proud of.”

In 2022, Josh’s team Team LFG raised an incredible $27,264 for The May 50K.

Josh says, “I think when you’ve lived with someone with MS, you want to make a difference for other people as well.”

“I like achieving stuff in a big group with one common goal. Working together and raising funds – that’s why I keep coming back each year... but making my family proud that’s the number one reason,” Josh says.

He’s set his sights on a big year for 2023.

“I'll put out some Facebook and Instagram posts – I’d like to get 50 people on the team. And, I’d like to get some corporate sponsors as well. I've got singlets made for the team and it would be great to get sponsorship on the tops.”

And as for fitness, he’s always thinking creatively as to how to take on The May 50K. In 2022, Josh did 750 km in May in a combination of running and riding. In 2023, he’s thinking of how he can take it to the next level.

“I’m very competitive with myself. I’m thinking less kilometres, but more challenging: run 50 km in one go.”

From humble beginnings in his first year taking part with a friend, to recruiting the local women’s footy team he coached to take part, Josh has really grown his team over the years.

He’s a keen Team Captain, keeping his team motivated all throughout the month with a group chat, team runs and dinners.

“We did some group runs before footy training and in our spare time. We had a Facebook Messenger group we’d be talking in that all the time when we hit a new milestone, fundraising or kilometres, we’d chat about it. I was in there messaging every day!”

“I was really lucky – my team was amazing. They shared on Facebook and Instagram weekly, and they absolutely killed it. Their reach and creativity made a difference for us.”

Josh’s favourite part of the event is the sense of comradery.

"Every little bit makes a difference in the long run. It’s about raising awareness. It’s not about who raises the most or who goes the furthest, it’s about everyone being involved.”

“Everyone in our team is friends and it feels like we’ve achieved something together. It’s made us closer.”