Let me introduce you to fundraising SUPERSTAR and MS Warrior Samantha.

Her team “If Sam can do it, you can” fundraised an INCREDIBLE $8,680 in 2021, and $12,070 in 2022.  

Samantha says, “Someday I hope to look back and think we made a mark. We helped towards creating a better outlook for future generations. We supported those who needed it the most. We raised awareness of putting invisible illnesses on the map. And, we contributed towards raising vital funds to put a stop to MS altogether!”

It’s not just the month of May for Samantha, living with MS for nearly a decade means that for her to take part she must train for six months in the lead-up to the challenge.

After a bad relapse in 2019 during a medication change, Samantha was left unable to walk and ended up needing 10 weeks off work. These were the consequences of living with an unpredictable disease that is yet to find a cure.

But being the positive person she is, when she heard about The May 50k Challenge in early 2021, it made her believe that the future could be bright and that it is worth fighting for.

“Never did I think our team would be able to raise this much. When I first signed up it was a personal challenge for myself to improve my leg weaknesses, and I thought any funds raised was something gained to support people like me.”

Not only did Samantha hit her 50km goal, but she made a HUGE impact on others with MS, raising vital funds for research.

Because she knows first-hand how difficult it can be living with MS, Samantha has pledged to do all she can to actively fundraise to prevent any other girl in her twenties from going through the debilitating effects of multiple sclerosis. 

“The suffering from chronic pain can be horrifying, no one should have to go through what we go through daily. And hopefully, one day, we won’t need to. Particularly for future generations, the work we do now will create a better outlook for years to come.”

“The accessibility to treatments in this country is phenomenal and, thanks to The May 50K, we can raise additional funds for life-changing research, targeting prevention and ensuring better treatments are accessible and working towards finding the all-important cure.”

This legend’s fundraising is NEXT LEVEL.

Samantha hosted a fundraising pub crawl and ?painted the town red in their May 50K t-shirts. They even played a fundraising bingo challenge to make the night interesting.

“There was serenade a bouncer, put a Kiss Goodbye to MS tattoo on a bar staff member, tell a story and get a $50 donation for doing it... We also had piggyback rides from pub to pub – it was an epic night to raise awareness here in Darwin!”

They raised an amazing $1,300 on the night. It goes to show how a little creativity goes a long way.

Samantha also contacted her local radio station and went live on air promoting her fundraising and raising awareness for multiple sclerosis. (I told you she’s amazing!)

Samantha walked her last 4kms for the month on a treadmill in a Shopping Centre with the local radio presenter (his cousin was recently diagnosed, and the presenter did 50kms in one day on the treadmill surprised).

“Because I know firsthand how difficult it can be living with this terrible disease, I have pledged to do all that I can to actively fundraise to prevent any other girl in her twenties from having to go through what I have been through.”

“MS is the most commonly acquired neurological disease affecting young adults and personally I have found it one of the most difficult things you can be diagnosed with within the prime of your life.”

“It’s so difficult to understand and define what you go through daily. I’ve got an MS blog on Instagram and I blog my story and my journey to share hope and inspiration. That’s why I’ve had so many people donate and join the campaign.”

You can follow Samantha’s Instagram here to learn more about her journey with MS.